Half You Half Me

Girls in Trouble’s second album, Half You Half Me, was recorded in Brooklyn, NY during a legendary snowstorm that shut down the city.

The songs on Half You Half Me are deep and complex, telling of androgynous lovers, female warriors, sisters with secrets, and a tent peg through a general’s head. Standout songs include Rubies (a folky love song about the proverbial Woman of Valor) and We Are Androgynous (an indie-pop love song in the voice of the apocryphal demoness, Lilith).

Alicia’s songwriting, voice and violin and Aaron’s bass are surrounded by lush orchestral arrangements of accordion, drums, electric guitars, and cello. Released on JDub Records in 2011, Half You Half Me was called “stellar” by Largeheartedboy.com and “pure indie-rock gold” by Giant Robot Magazine.

Track listing

  1. We Are Androgynous About Lilith
  2. Lemons About Potiphar's Wife
  3. Tell Me About Serakh bat Asher
  4. DNA O Sister About Rachel and Leah
  5. Rubies About Woman of Valor / Eshet Chayil
  6. Emeralds & Microscopes About RebeccaAbout Sarah
  7. Bethesda
  8. O General About Yael and Deborah
  9. Apples About The Jewish Women in Egypt
  10. Waltz for a Beheading About Judith

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