Open the Ground

Girls in Trouble’s third release, Open the Ground, was recorded in the mythic woods of Portland, Oregon while Alicia was seven months pregnant with her second child.

Continuing the Girls in Trouble project with ten more beautiful, orchestral indie-folk songs about the complicated lives of Biblical women, Open the Ground infuses these stories with yet more intimacy and vulnerability. Propulsive drums, gorgeous string arrangements, and synth-pop keyboards buoy Alicia’s songwriting, as bassist Aaron Hartman’s deep roots in the Pacific Northwest music scene drew from the best of Portland’s musicians. Co-produced by Alicia and beloved Northwest troubador Karl Blau. This album was made possible by a grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council of Portland, Oregon, and friends and supporters of Girls in Trouble. 


Track listing

  1. Separate Histories About Ruth
  2. Of Meeting In the Night About Lot's wife
  3. River So Wide About Sarah
  4. New Arithmetic About Daughters of Tzelofchad
  5. Wise Hearted About Wise-Hearted Women
  6. Arrow & Bow About Hagar
  7. Measuring Tape About Noah's wife
  8. Open the Ground About Eve
  9. I’m Done Dressing up for You About Vashti
  10. Song For Salt About Lot's wife

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