Gallery of Biblical Women

Welcome to the Gallery of Biblical Women, where you can add your own voice to the ongoing interpretation of Biblical women, and see what others have created!

Many of the works below were created as part of the Girls in Trouble Curriculum, which includes an opportunity to create artwork in each session. Others are by independent creators who share our love of making art about women in Torah. Try searching by character to see a wide range of contemporary interpretations of a single story. Please consider contributing your own work! Whether it’s a polished piece or simply a sketch, we would love to include your voice in the Gallery.

Fine print: you can share your name, or post anonymously. We do not curate submissions; professional artists appear alongside elementary school students, which is part of our goal in creating this open-source repository of commentary. We do vet submissions for appropriateness before publishing. Please note that while we are anti-censorship, in order to keep this website usable as an educational resource in a wide variety of settings, we do ask that submissions be appropriate for all ages.


Imagery Ruth

Contributed by Russel Neiss I wrote a program that given any image and a textual reference, returns a micrography inspired copy. That code can be found here: The original image for this piece comes from Alexandre Cabanel:…

he sleeps

Writing Sarah

he sleeps smelling like today’s strawberries snoring between mommy and daddy I am at the edge of the bed still, he inches closer, happily mashed into my side one minute, absolute peace in his body and face, arms flung out…

The Buried Rib Cage

Writing Eve

By Eve Grubin Eve slipped from its arced ridge— the only body part you don’t do evil with: the eye, the hand, might beg corruption; the ribs are modest shy crests, ticklish, an open fan, not quite sexual, yet not…


Writing Eve

By Eve Grubin God unpoured the wine out of Eve to create delay, the gap between wanting and the wanted. Before, with the wine pouring through her, desire for touch blazed simultaneous with touch, flame to flame. My desire lags,…

Twitter Fight

Writing EstherVashti

by Penelope Gould, Teen Art Connect intern, Contemporary Jewish Museum Vashti @notthequ33n When your husband dumps you because you say no to being objectified in front of his friends and gets a new girl#sorelatable #mylife Esther @thequeen If you’re trying…

Chayei Sarah

Writing Sarah

by Stacey Zisook Robinson I followed you Through vast deserts and over mountains Into lush valleys and across years I followed you Though you did not follow me, Offering me instead to strangers and angels I followed you Into the…

The Book of Esther

Writing Esther

By Stacey Zisook Robinson   That blush on my cheek? It’s paint, And I have glittered my eyes And robed myself in the finery of silk and gossamer, lapis and gold– And whored myself for your salvation. You asked for…

Miriam and her Timbrels

Imagery Miriam

By Nancy Flanders Lockspeiser “Miriam and her Timbrels” leading the Jewish people across the sea the power of music and art to initiate positive action to surround yourself with energy and beauty in mind body spirit to see and testify…

Vashti Says No

Writing Vashti

Vashti Says No, by Trisha Arlin Ladies, get me some water. What happened? I’ll tell you. He summoned me, That old drunk, He wants to show me off to his friends Disgusting. I didn’t think I just answered, I said…

The Casting of Lots

Writing Esther

About Esther. By poet Marcela Sulak, from her book Decency (Black Lawrence Press). Dear Ahasuerus, it is eleven-thirty am and my number is one hundred and eighty-six. I feel the lack of communion striving for a higher purpose in this…

Sarah’s Song

Video Sarah

Producer: Sarah Lefton Animation Director: Nick Fox-Gieg Animation: Jeanne Stern Editorial Director: Matthue Roth Written, performed, and recorded by Stereo Sinai Miriam Brosseau Alan Jay Sufrin…

For My Younger Self

Writing Eve

For my younger self, You cannot foresee what is coming… Your story will hold the seeds of love and grief, of desperation and elation, that all people on earth will know. It is this, the profound experience of the heart,…


Imagery Sarah

Phyllis Herda, Leverett, MAGirls in Trouble Curriculum Pilot, Jewish Community of Amherst, MA, February 2016…

Fruit of the Garden

Imagery Eve

Ryan O’Donnell, Turners Falls, MAGirls in Trouble Curriculum Pilot, Jewish Community of Amherst, MA, March 2016…

Ruth’s Love

Imagery Ruth

Ruth’s Love, by F. Ryan O’Donnell (Turners Falls, MA) Created at Girls in Trouble Pilot Seminar, Jewish Community of Amherst, Spring 2016

Hannah’s Haiku

Writing Hannah

Why can I not be Like any other person No more, no less, me   –Written by Anonymous, Havurah Shalom Women in Torah class, Portland, Oregon, spring 2016…