Study Guides

The Girls in Trouble Curriculum is a series of in-depth study guides about women in Torah through art, created by musician and Jewish educator Alicia Jo Rabins. These study guides focus on how stories of women in Torah reflect the complexity of our own lives, and how art can help us deepen our connections to these ancient texts.

Each unit follows a woman character through Biblical story, Rabbinic interpretations, visual art, and a Girls in Trouble song. These materials are geared towards teens and adults, but many can be adapted for younger learners. Whether you are looking to go deep on your own, in a small group, or to lead a class, come join us on a journey into the world of women in Torah!

Study guides come as a packaged download in individual, small group, or institution versions. “Individual” includes a beautifully designed PDF with sources, annotations, and guiding questions, a PowerPoint of visual art, and an mp3 of the Girls in Trouble song. “Small group” and “institution” downloads are identical, but priced differently to reflect the number of users projected. They include a student copy which omits the teacher’s notes.