Lilith: Demoness or Heroine?


Lilith is a mystical, mysterious creature. Although her story does not appear in the Torah, her legend has been passed on for over three thousand years. Her story varies wildly; she is sometimes feared as a destructive force, and other times beloved as a symbol of female liberation.

In this study guide you will encounter demons, angels, magic, incantations, and radical re-imaginings of the story of Creation. You will also find contemporary feminist thinkers, artists, and writers reclaiming Lilith’s compelling power in modern times.

To follow Lilith’s journey is to experience a prism of relationships to female power.  Demoness or heroine: which version will you choose?

Or will you imagine a new Lilith?

Note for teachers: proceed with caution. An essential aspect of Lilith’s story deals with sex and sexuality, and some of the images in this unit contain depictions of Lilith nude.