DNA O Sister

DNA O sister I am half you half me
in between the molecules I feel it when you breathe
late at night when all the house goes silent in their sleep
I will give you everything I promised him I’d keep

Older and younger and hunter and thief
which one is you, and which one is me
silver and water and petal and leaf

Some sisters stay home and some sisters leave
some sisters get what the other ones need
some sisters blossom and some sisters bleed

Both of us are braided through with candles blood and bread
both of us were born with all these visions in our head
you would always promise me that one day we’d be free
late at night I’m leaving and I’m taking you with me


Based on one of my favorite midrashim – Rabbinic commentaries. In Genesis 29, Jacob and Rachel are to be married. But her father instead places his older daughter Leah beneath the bridal veil, tricking Jacob into marrying the wrong sister. In the imagination of this midrash, the lovers foresee this trick and arrange a secret password for Rachel to whisper from beneath the veil. But just before the wedding Rachel realizes this would result in terrible public humiliation for her older sister. Rachel betrays her beloved and gives her sister Leah the passwords. According to some versions, she even lies beneath the marriage bed that night making noises, so Jacob will recognize her voice and consummate the marriage with Leah.