Of Meeting In the Night

Of meeting in the night, and parting after day
Of early morning light to wash our sins away
Of glasses raised and emptied and of corners in the dark
Of drawing back our arrows and of aiming at the mark

Of windows that don’t open and doors that never close
Of putting on our costumes and taking off our clothes
Of falling in, and falling out, and falling in again
And dancing at the Minaret til 2:30 am

Farewell, farewell, I loved you well, but now it’s time to part
And though we made a kind of hell, to leave you breaks my heart
For who were you and who was I, and where did we both go
If I could have just one more night, maybe I would know


The lure of nostalgia and how the urge to look backward can turn a person into a pillar of salt. And yet…how hard it is to leave a place (or person) you love, even when you know you can’t stay. (About Lot’s wife, Genesis 19)