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Girls in Trouble is an indie-folk/art-pop song cycle by musician, poet and Torah teacher, Alicia Jo Rabins.

With this project, Rabins mines the complex and fascinating stories of Biblical women, exploring the hidden places where their lives overlap with her own.

The result: a world of ancient stories brought intimately to life.

The Curriculum

Looking to go deeper into the stories behind these songs? Interested in learning or teaching about women in Torah through art? Enjoy downloadable Girls in Trouble study guides on your own, in a small group, or as a teaching tool in a classroom.

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image of cover of "Half You Half Me" album- Girls in Trouble logo and album name on artwork of two winged women connected at the waist, heads nuzzling against each other Image of Girls In Trouble album cover- drawings of winged women in pastel shades of yellow, pink, and blue, behind "Girls in Trouble" logo image of Open the Ground album cover: image of a winged woman in a colorful dress holding an uprooted flowering tree out to a winged woman dressed in white.


“The mixture of reverence, chutzpah, and creative genius in Alicia’s edgy, intelligent interpretations bears comparison
with the rabbis of the classical midrashim and the Hasidic masters.”
Rabbi Jonah C. Steinberg, Jewish Chaplain, Harvard University

“The Girls in Trouble Curriculum is an invaluable resource for teaching midrash in a way that is engaging, authentic, and creative. I’ve personally used it to enhance my classes as well as my own study of Biblical women.”
Rabbi Shoshana Gelfand, London

Next performances

December 23-27 – Girls in Trouble performance at Limmud Festival UK

Birmingham, UK

Alicia reads & performs at Limmud Festival UK!